Tie-accessory “Black Sonata”


Flowers make us happier – this is scientifically proven fact!
Black tie-accessory, on which the whole fashion world also rests, is timeless, unique and full of flower magic by its very nature. In peace of heart, you can wear it alongside many different designs.
Sure enough, a real woman will show them all off with full self-confidence! Black  tie-accessory is timeless in its nature. Feel free to wear together with lots of patterns.Black tie-accessorie is timeless in its nature.

Length of tie from knot to tip is 40 cm.

The tie is nicely packed in a box.

Code: P-031

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Recommendations for selecting a suitable tie:
  • If you wear S size and are rather short, select ties beginning with V or P
  • If you are of medium height or rather tall, also select the makes beginning with V or P
  • If you wear M or L size and are of medium height or rather tall, all makes will fit you
  • If you wear + size, makes which code begins with N will fit you best
  • Do not wash your tie or give it for dry cleaning. This is pendant tie, not simple necktie.
  • Various parts that do not tolerate washing or chemical treatment have been used for embellishing. If you are not wearing your tie at the moment, keep it in the box.
Some statements of popular psychology about tie colours:
  • Red tie is ambitious. It can mean power, passion and courage!
  • Blue tie symbolizes integrity and peace.
  • Black tie emphasizes elegance of the wearer!
  • Green tie – in addition to the green way of thinking, green is the colour of fairy-tales, representing the wisdom of tree spirits and fairies!
  • Brown tie – the person who chooses this colour stands firmly on the ground.
  • Reddish brown tie tells about professionalism of the wearer.
  • Yellow/orange tie – youthful, full of hope and lucky.
  • White tie – colour of inner and outer purity.