Tie as a pendant…

A pendant tie is a unique fashion accessory that redefines the classical meaning of a tie. A tie is not only a mandatory part of a man’s suit, but also a beautiful accessory for women. Kaire Avi’s design ties have been created with the wearer’s individuality, sense of style and courage to differ, in mind. Every tie is a timeless pendant that can embellish your casual clothes or add splendour to your evening wear.
Design ties have been handcrafted using only high-quality fabrics and materials. The ties are decorated with flower motives made with special techniques, romantic lace, Swarovski crystals, spangles, and pearls. Each pendant tells its own story and is a luxurious fashion accessory.

Design ties are protected by copyright and also as registered industrial designs. Legal protection of design ties is valid from 26.09.2012 (Certificate of registration No. 002109389-0012).