1. General provisions

1.1. The present general provisions apply to sale/purchase contracts (hereinafter „Contract“) concluded on the basis of order (hereinafter „Order“) from Griiny Internet shop at (hereinafter „E-shop) between the person ordering goods (hereinafter „Client) and Griiny Group LTD (hereinafter also „Griiny“) in accordance with procedure for concluding Contract.

1.2. Griiny has the right to alter general provisions any time at its sole discretion. Amended general provisions apply only to Orders and Contracts, in case of which the corresponding Order was submitted after amendment of general provisions.


  1. Procedure for concluding Contract and entry of Contract into force 

2.1. Sales contract between Griiny and client enters into force from the moment of receipt of the amount due according to order confirmation on bank account of Griiny Group LTD


2.2. From the E-shop, it is only possible to buy goods that have the link „Add to cart“. Goods without the link „Add to cart“ are out of stock. Price and availability of the goods are subject to change permanently and without advance notice.

2.3. Griiny has the right to withdraw from the Contract concluded via E-shop without any sanctions and to not hand over ordered goods or render ordered services if the goods are out of stock; If Griiny cannot fulfill the order, the client will be contacted and the paid amount will be refunded.


  1. Payment

3.1. In the E-shop, it is possible to pay for selected goods via the following bank links: VISA/MasterCard. It is also possible to make payment by credit card through PayPal or by bank transfer within 2 business days on the basis of advance invoice. If payment has not been received within 2 business days, the order will be canceled.

3.2. After adding goods to „Shopping cart“, it is possible to continue browsing other goods or to enter orders. NB! After payment for goods (making bank transfer), leave the bank page by clicking the „Back to merchant“ button. Order confirmation will be subsequently displayed.


  1. Delivery

4.1. Orders made through the E-shop are processed and ordered goods are issued from our warehouse not later than within 1-3 business days from order date. If an order has been registered during the weekend or legal holiday, the order fulfillment period will start at 9.00 a.m. on the first following business day. When buying from Griiny, there are two different options for delivery of Product.

– Post office of Omniva

– Omniva parcel machine

–  Itella Smartpost parcel machine

– DHL courier service

4.2. If a client will not collect Product within the established period, expenses related to resending will be reimbursed by Client.


  1. Privacy

5.1. By using By Kaire Avi e-shop, you agree to the processing of your personal data by Griiny as provided by this agreement.

5.2. Personal data that has become known by Griiny will be entered into the register of clients and used for rendering of sales services and offering of Products. You accept agreement by ticking the corresponding checkbox on the ordering page.

5.3. Your personal data necessary for delivery of goods will be forwarded to the courier service company only to the extent required.

5.4. Protection of personal data is guaranteed by all of the safety measures arising from legislation.

5.5. Personal data is processed by Griiny Group LTD (11043308), Võru 55f, Tartu, Estonia.


  1. Return

6.1. Within 14 days from the date of goods delivery, the Client has the right to return Goods and recover paid amount (excluding transport costs).

– Products subject to return must not be damaged.

If checking of goods by Griiny after return of goods reveals that goods having been subject to return are in deteriorated condition, Buyer shall reimburse the loss in value. Seller can file a respective claim not later than within one month from arrival of returned goods. Buyer shall reimburse the value of goods in case if the goods have been altered or tampered with by Buyer, and in other such cases.

– Product subject to return must not have signs of use.

– Product subject to return must be in the original package and with price labels.

6.2. In case of defective goods, the customer has the right to register a complaint with the seller within three months from the date of goods delivery. Complaint shall be registered immediately, but not later than within thirty days from date of defect discovery. For easier solving of later problems, customers should definitely keep the invoice demonstrating that goods have been bought from By Kaire Avi E-shop. If there is no document confirming the sale, the seller can refuse to deal with the problem.

6.3 Complaints related to goods or services bought from E-shop shall be addressed to: Griiny Group Ltd (11043308), Tamme pst St.35, Tartu or e-mail:


Following information should be indicated in the complaint:

–   Your name and contact data

–   Date of complaint registration

–   Defect of product

–   Claim to Griiny

–   Order number confirming the purchase shall be attached



  1. Alteration of provisions

7.1. Griiny has the right to alter and amend provisions of this agreement and price list on the basis of the e-shop development; and to ensure better and safer use of the e-shop. Information about alterations and amendments of the provisions and price list will be provided on the website at

7.2  Griiny reserves the right to refuse sale in case of one of the following problems with Product:

– there has been human error when entering price or technical system error (for example, 0 EUR is indicated as price of Product; or Product with price of 80.00 EUR is accidentally for sale for 8.00 EUR).


  1. Other provisions

8.1. In the matters not regulated by provisions of this agreement, the parties shall be guided by legal acts in force in the Republic of Estonia.

8.2 Disputes between You and Griiny arising from purchase of products from Griiny shall be settled by negotiations. In case of a failing agreement, You have the right to file an application with the Consumer Protection Board or Tartu County Court to protect your rights.