I wish to encourage women to be bold and confident, and to support their individuality through classic and innovative accessories.
My creation focuses on a classical through line, inspired by classic menswear, and intertwine it into creation with a woman’s confidence.
Through this process accessories that combine both textile and leather, and that are at the same time classic and innovative – women’s designer ties, suspenders and vest-accessories, handbags are created.

In addition to design I also prioritize quality and natural material. My creation revolves around slow fashion, and I support sustainable consumption.

Who is Kaire?

A woman, a beloved spouse, a son’s mother, a leather designer, passionate towards inventing and creating new things, who values her time and ties it with her creation.

What do you love most about your work?

There is so much joy and exciting challenges in it.
I enjoy working with and combining different materials. I also like creating a connection between the product and its wearer, through which I wish to support sustainable consumption to prevent over-consuming.

What would you recommend to your clients?

Never be afraid of attention. A bold accessory makes a woman memorable. You determine your own worth through your own story, so dare to stand apart!
I wish everybody more playfulness and joy of discovery!