Tote bag “Carla” blue with black straps


This one’s a large, smart and playful bag.

The idea for the tote bag was born out of the fact that there’s plenty of leftover mesh fabric from another exciting product made by our family enterprise. My son Carl came to visit me at the studio and asked: “Hey, mom, could you make something out of that mesh?”
Of course I can! The fabric is very sturdy and inspiring. Upon sewing two meshes together, a kind of a dance of light takes place between two sheets. There was will, way, and now a result! Allow me to introduce you to Carla – our first bag in our upcoming mesh bag family.

Colour: blue pocket and black straps


Carla is a comfortable and practical tote bag. It’s versatile and functional and full of surprises. Take it to the gym, to the beach, shopping, or wherever else you need to go. Carla has two drawstring side pockets, where you can put your water bottle or a coffee thermos.
There’s a large, deep, colourful pocket at the front for a phone, for example. The interior of the bag can also be contracted with an extended ‘bag mouth’, and fixed with a stopper so that all of your stuff is kept in place neatly.

I wish all mothers and children wearing this bag soaring ideas and happy undertakings!