Vest-accessory grey sprakling


The vest as an accessory… there’s so much hidden in this accessory – tradition, timeless style, many surprises, many different ways of wearing it… This bold accessory is inspired by the classics of menswear, but created solely for women. It is an accessory that can be worn as a vest over clothes, but which isn’t necessarily a vest; it’s something that fills the function of an accessory, but isn’t necessarily an accessory either. It also has a practical value. By wearing the Vest-accessory it is as if you’re cherished, but by yourself. This special feeling is created by the grey, genuine leather strap running diagonally across the back. It creates a pleasant ‘straight-backed’ feeling. It’s the same sense of confidence that is hidden in you. It is a feeling that nothing or no one can stop you from doing what you’ve decided to do. It’s a kind of a pleasant sense of calm in you…

Color: black leather and grey, sparkling textile

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There are many ways to wear the Vest-accessory!

  • Wear the whole set as a whole, over a dress, a blouse, or however your creativeness and feeling allow! Also check from our product range the colour selection of our leather straps and combine them with textile parts. You’ll find even more ways to wear the accessory. Enjoy yourself!

  • Remove the textile parts and wear only the leather straps. The good news is that you’ll find many other colours in our collection which will let you shine. You can combine every detail of the strap! Wear the straps on a frilly, floaty, lacey dress, or add some oomph by wearing a blouse. Be your own stylist!

  • The leather belt can be worn on top of a dress, a shirt, trousers, or some other piece of clothing. Wear it as an accent, or as a functional belt. This belt is made special by the fact that if you wear it on your trouser waist, under a long shirt, then the regular large belt buckle won’t show and create an impression of a ‘bloated belly’.


Textile: 90% POLYESTER, 10% COTTON

Lining: 90% VISCOSE

Straps: 100% LEATHER

Strap lining: 100% POLYESTER

To clean the textile parts of the vest, remove all leather straps.



Clean the leather details with a soft, damp cloth.

Measurement S M L
Chest circumference 84 90 96
Waist circumference 66 72 78
Hip circumference 92 98 104