Design tie “Shade of yellow”



Fashion loves exotica! Fashion and beauty are extremely important, if you were born a woman! The design tie is easy to fasten, leaving lovely bowknot on the back of your neck.
Wear the design tie on weekdays as well, and you would’ve never believed how well it suits you.

Length of tie from knot to tip is 30 cm.
The pendant tie is nicely packed in a gift box.



Tie lenght from knot to tip 30 cm.

The tie is packaged into gift box!

Design is protected by patent.

  • Do not wash or dry clean the tie
  • The design tie is not merely a tie, but a tie-neck accessory
  • The tie is decorated with different details that should not be washed or dry cleaned.
  • When you’re not currently wearing the tie, store it in its box.