Handbag “Darja – A Piece of Nature” black


Darja is a woman who always has a positive mindset and who is not afraid of difficult challenges. She simply gets to work and takes her efforts to fruition. Trees and forests have always held deep meaning for her.

That is why she selected a handbag that combines genuine leather and stylish birch wood detail, with a Swarovski crystal adding elegant shine. The birch reminds her of good memories and emotions. Birch wood’s energy is delicate and feminine, and Darja has noticed her fingertips run along the wooden detail’s interesting shape. It’s somehow very soothing for her, it’s as if it is her talisman!


“Darja” – A Piece of Nature is a handbag with a structured surface, with a pocket on its back side where one can put something away quickly, such as a phone, keys or something else entirely. There’s a small additional pocket inside the bag. The shoulder strap can be adjusted according to need. The flap of the bag has a hand crafted birch wood detail decorated by a Swarovski crystal. The handbag is packaged in high quality, luxurious and sturdy black box. Reuse the box by keeping in it a handbag you’re presently not using, or anything else that you like.

Size of the bag: 25 x 15cm

Strap: adjustable size approx. max. 130cm.

Natural chrome leather
Polyester lining
Metal hardware
Birch wood detail with magnetic closure
Swarovski crystal

Clean the bag with a damp cloth.

To freshen the birch wood detail clean it with soft damp textile, then dry and lastly rub it gently with wool fabric.