It is important for any entrepreneur nowadays to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible.

Rethinking one’s products and upcycling of materials is sometimes quite a creative challenge.

Ecovall, Ecosauna and the designer Kaire Avi-Kinnunen share a common mindset – to reuse leftover material to the fullest and breathe life into it with new design.

“Upcycling  is more than a mere buzzword, it conveys a new mindset…”


‘Upcycling’ is more than a mere buzzword, it conveys a new mindset, how and why we should begin whichever designing process in a way that allows for scrap material to shine again. It is not possible yet to recycle everything completely, but steps are being taken to move towards it.

 This is how the idea of turning the edge bits of the mesh fabric left over from hot tub cover production into tote bags and leisure bags came to be. A few other exciting design solutions are in mind for the future, to help such an inspiring material back into circulation again.

Mesh fabric is described by words such as strength, weatherproofness and durability. Excess moisture and sun exposure will not reduce the durability of the bag, because durability is the most important quality in the production of hot tub covers.

According to the designer, leisure time nowadays is most precious and welcome. Why not take along everything you need for spending it in the Carla and Hanna mesh bags. While designing the bags, the designer was determined to limit the ways of how they could be carried.

“This means that the mesh bags are unisex…”

This means that the mesh bags are unisex. Both Hanna and Carla are bags with a twist, full of fun with different colorful details. The designer herself carries Carla to work, because it just fits so much! Of course, Carla is also an irreplaceable companion whilst shopping, because everything in the bag is secure, and the bag’s elongated top hem can be fastened with a drawstring.

Hanna, however, has become our business partners’ favourite. This model is often ordered as a business gift with the business’ logo on it. Many of our partners place importance in gifts produced with such a mindset.

The designers are thrilled that Hanna and Carla have found their own paths, and that fabric scraps have found a second wind.