“Darja” began from a desire to create something meaningful and special. I wanted to pay attention especially to details. In the case of this bag the centerpiece is the wooden detail with a magnetic closure, and to ‘dot the ‘I’’, so to speak, I added a tiny Swarovski crystal. How this bright crystal will tell each wearer their story, and how they will sense this bright little star, will be their own courage to design their life just as they want.

Truthfully, I had a deeper meaning to convey by using wood, and I’d like to tell you about it.

I remember this lovely feeling. I was at the countryside, visiting my friend’s grandma, and we were picking wild raspberries. At the same time my friend’s grandmother was cooking us fluffy pancakes on a woodfire stove. I think you know, how delicious foods cooked on live fire really are. When we returned from the forest we were greeted by a huge pile of pancakes and a wonderful golden cloudberry jam. By the way, I had never had cloudberry jam before, and since then nothing has managed to surprise me with such honey-sweet flavor as that of that cloudberry jam’s. Bellies stuffed, we went to the garden where between two birch trees a venerable hammock was set up that my friend promptly occupied. I myself leaned against the gently swaying birch. Somehow it felt so light and pleasant despite being way too full of pancakes! I remember a tingling on my back. Live was wonderful, the nature smelled incredible, and the birches so chatty that they whispered and rustled and their bark was as if living art… this happy memory to this day remains so warm, and what I felt then was so genuine that I want to carry it with me, in case I ever forget…

Let it be made known that I myself have sadly very few memories of time spent with grandmothers. When someone tells heartfelt tales of their grandmother, then I remember that beautiful memory of that one shard of time spent with my friend’s grandmother. Nature holds a special place in all of our lives and sustains many great memories to recall. “Darja – A Piece of Nature” handbag line was born of a wish to give a chance to carry them all with you. The genuine leather handbag has a hand crafted birch wood detail whose delicate, feminine and sensitive energy responds to our thoughts and emotional state. A shiny Swarowski crystal sparkles in the light as if winking an eye at you and reminding you that everything’s pretty great! In my mind I have bound this positive feeling with the wood detail and every time the crystal shines in light and sun, I smile. This is my story. I want to remind you with this story, how important a place good memories, emotions, and recalling them are, especially when things aren’t going perhaps as well.
I’d be incredibly grateful if you shared with me your own positive emotions and stories of the power of nature, and what ‘your tree’ is like.