The black dress we love!

The leather that bag makes us feel confident and happy just by touching it.

The necklace that brings joy into our day.

That shirt that has always felt flattering.


Fashion is a way to express our individuality, our colorful soul and spirit, our emotions and statements. Fashion is in the nexus of our individual and collective past, present and future. In that sense fashion is loving from the very beginning. The moment we see a design, we touch a product in a store, we scroll through online stores, searching for pieces that represent us!

There is another dimension of fashionable affection that starts earlier: long before we see the finished product. It is the design and production process of the piece that will steal our hearts later. At the heart of fashion design, the heart of the designer burns. When a product is handmade, thought through, and created from the creator’s emotion, it is not merely an item that is bought. It is more like a charm, a talisman that contains our emotions. When a fashion piece is produced slowly, with heart, hands and soul, it holds something special that would accompany us through our lives beyond a single fashion season!

‘With heart, hands and soul…’

This is a way of connecting things. It is a connection between the designer and the muse. A connection between designers and consumers; a connection between ourselves and our emotions, stories and human experience. Human emotions have their own temporality, so in that sense slow fashion transcends seasons and trends.

‘Slow fashion transcends seasons and trends’.

Think about it. When we see a design that we like, we get excited and happy. This is why we get emotional when we see a lovingly produced fashion piece: because it is produced with love, care and inspiration. We get excited by seeing, touching, and wearing.

‘We wear emotions’.

When a design is produced with love and care, production takes time. It takes time to materialize those deep emotions. It takes time to find the best material that would reflect that love for ourselves, our design, and each other. It takes time and care to bring together the deepest emotions with the best materials. It takes time to beautifully package the products, it takes time to find meaningful words and visuals to tell the story of your design.

This is why slow fashion starts with affection. A love of being a human in this very inspiring world, reflecting inspiration through design, and amplifying emotions. Producing with affection is important, because in the end of the day we wear emotions!